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Current Budget Status Pending NYS Guidance

July 2, 2020  Update on School District Budget - Last evening, after consulting with Board counsel and several other resources throughout the State, the Board of Education adopted a resolution to appropriate money for the purpose of meeting expenses from July 1 to August 5th.  This resolution replaces the contingency budget resolution that was adopted on the morning of June 30th.   This decision was made for a variety of reasons.  First, the District incurs expenses each month of the school year and must have a means to meet its’ monetary obligations.  Second, there is a serious lack of clarity in NYS at the moment about a Board’s opportunity to authorize a re-vote if it has adopted a contingent budget.  Put another way, concern was raised that if the District remained under a contingent budget, there would be no opportunity to consider a re-vote.  As of this writing, no information has been provided to Districts about when and/or how a re-vote could take place.  Therefore, out of a preponderance of caution, and in order to allow the Board of Education to consider a revote, the resolution to appropriate funds to meet expenses was adopted last evening.  More information will be provided when it is available.  J. Sortisio