• District Technology

    Our vision for the students of the Eden Central School District is to provide the best tools possible for the 21st century that we can afford.

    As teachers, parents, administrators and board members, we recognize the need to make available for easy access, the tools of technology that will aid our children in learning while they are in our schools. We also realize our role in preparing them for colleges, workplaces, homes and futures to which they may aspire. We also hope to provide a level playing field so that every student, regardless of personal or financial limitation, will not be precluded from having the kind of education that is expected in a democracy.

    The use of technology, both as objects and instruments of learning, should be thoroughly integrated into the school program. Technology should be viewed as a tool in conjunction with existing curriculum. It is our belief that the best way to facilitate this is to use the hands-on approach to technology at all levels.

    The Eden Central School District will utilize and integrate technology within the entire District.

    The Eden Central School District will continually monitor and adjust it’s comprehensive long-range Technology Plan for the school District and the community it serves to provide opportunities for all to compete successfully in a global environment.