Sandy A message from the

    Superintendent of Eden Central Schools

    December 2018

    Dear Eden families,

       Happy Holidays!  I trust that you will have some time to spend with family and friends over the next few weeks.  This is what makes Eden so special.  Family.  Friends.  Connections. 

        A huge congratulations to our students who have won music, academic or athletic awards.  You make us all so very proud!  See inside for some great pictures of these achievements!

       Have you seen us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?  No worries if you do not have an account.  You can find each of these icons on the front page of our website and have a chance to see all the great pictures we are posting of our students and staff.  This new project has been a lot of fun for me, and I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to send pictures for us to post.

       The capital project staging areas are coming down.  This means we are coming to a close on Phase 3 of our capital project. Wow!  This has been such a heavy lift, and we are exhausted, and yet excited.  Two years ago, we could not even stream on five iPads at the same time before crashing the server.  Now, we have a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.  Our entryways to all three student buildings are secure, we have back-up generators and our stormwater management system is set to handle major water runoff along Jennings and Schoolview.  We are warm, safe and dry!  Thank you, again, for your support on the capital project.  It has made all the difference for our students.

       We have sent our designs into the State Education Department for Phase 4 of the capital project- new clocks, a PA system and visual alerts (both inside and out).  We hope to begin construction in early Spring and be finished before September of 2019.  We do not intend for this to be as heavy of a lift as Phase 3. Once we are finished with this phase, we will be able to send alerts to all of our buildings with one phone call.  Safe and secure is our goal.

       I wish all of you happy, healthy and safe holidays filled with much family and laughter.  Enjoy the season!



    Sandra Anzalone
    "Attitude is Everything"