Sandy A message from the

    Superintendent of Eden Central Schools

    April 2019

    Dear Eden families,

       Congratulations to all of our students highlighted in this newsletter. This edition is always bittersweet for me. Bittersweet because of our graduating seniors- what a great group! Eden students are THE BEST STUDENTS I have ever worked with, and it seems that just when I feel I have gotten to know them, they move on... Good for them, sad for us!  I bet you feel the same way as parents! 

       2018-2019 has been a fast and furious year- Eden Elementary Garden Club partnering with Eden Town Conservation to make bluebird houses, incredible generosity from our K-12 students and staff with holiday sharing and community service projects, establishment of a Middle School, near completion of our capital project, a presence on social media, first year of School Resource Officers, new security protocols for visitors, preparation for an updated website and mobile app, sports under the lights, a 21st century technology infrastructure, and 1:1 Chromebooks assigned to travel to/from home for our middle school students- we have been on the move!  Of course, we wouldn't be able to do any of this without the support and encouragement of our staff, parents and community. Thank you to everyone for ensuring that Eden CSD students know how much we care about them!

       This edition of the District Newsletter also highlights for you months and months of preparation and planning for the 2019-2020 school budget and annual vote. We have listened to you and kept our proposed tax levy well under the maximum allowable cap of 5.90%. We have been strategic with our school bus replacement schedule and now have a fleet of buses that is safe for all of our students regardless of the weather. Proposition 2 on the ballot would keep this replacement cycle intact. Never do I want to relive a few years ago when over 30% of our bus fleet was taken off the road by DOT in the middle of a school day and we had to scramble to get the students home on borrowed buses.  We are proposing the establishment of a technology reserve so that we can plan for the inevitable replacement of our student laptops, Chromebooks and iPads originally purchased through the NYS Smart School Bond Act. Finally, election of our Board of Education- two of our incumbent BOE members are running again: Marlene Grunder and Donald Sutfin. Both Marlene and Don have found a voice on the Board that they can speak to both passionately and knowledgeably. I thank them for their selfless giving of time and energy. We say thank you and goodbye to Board President, Paul Shephard. Paul has served on our Board of Education since 2013. He has been a tireless voice for students, staff and community. We will miss you, Paul! New on the ballot is Allan E. Silver, running for a 3-year term. Allan is excited to begin this new chapter.

       The school year is not over and Spring has really just begun. We hope to see you around campus as the weather improves.  If you are interested in a budget outreach presentation, tour of the capital project renovations, or simply a conversation, please reach out to me at 992-3629 or sanzalone@edencsd.org. We are proud to be Raiders, and proud to be serving the Eden CSD community.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook @EdenCSD. Don't have a Twitter or Facebook account? No problem. You can still read all of our exciting news on either of these sites by linking on through our home webpage. Hope to see you soon!

    Sandra Anzalone
    "Attitude is Everything"