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    Business/Computer Department
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    Business/Computer Courses:
    Please Note:  Courses labeled "ECC" allow students an OPTION to earn SUNY credits at 1/3 of the tuition costs (approximately $264-no waivers).  This is a great opportunity to start earning college credit during your junior and senior year.

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing-1/2 credit

    Career and Financial Mangement-1/2 credit

    Web Page Design-1/2 credit

    Your Rights-1/2 credit

    Intro to Video Game Design-1/2 credit

    ECC College Computer Applications-1/2 credit (ECC-DA106 3 credit hours)

    ECC College Success Skills-1/2 credit (ECC-GS111 3 hours)

    ECC Intro to Accounting-1 credit (ECC-BU120 3 credit hours) 

    ECC Intro to Law-1 credit (ECC-PA205 3 credit hours)


    Required Courses for Graduation:
    Keyboarding Applications-1/2 credit
    Digital Applications (formerly known as BA/BCA)-1 credit
     Did You Know…

    Advanced Regents Diplomas: Students pursuing an Advanced Regents Diploma can meet its requirements by completing 5 credits in Business/Computer courses. This is an option similar to students who complete 3 units in LOTE or 5 units either in Technology, Music, Art, etc.  

    Department: Business & Computer Department
    Phone: 992-3600 x2109
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