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     "Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

    2011 Legion Mural                       2012 Police Mural
    2011 Legion Mural                                                        2012 Police Department Mural          

      fire hall mural                     Legion 2014
       2013 East Eden Fire Mural                                          2014  Legion Mural
    2016 Eden Valley Growers Mural
    2016 Eden Valley Growers Mural 
     Vans Custom Culture 2017                   Ceramics Bobbleheads
     2017 Vans Custom Culture/Drawing & Painting                                                                2019 Ceramics I Bobblehead Project
    2019 Earth Day Rain Barrel   .                                   EVG Mural 2019
    2019 Earth Day Rain Barrel, Erie County                                  2019 Eden Valley Growers Mural 
    Department of Environment & Planning                                    
    Courses at the Eden Middle & High School, Room 145:
    Grade 7 Art
    Studio in Art
    Drawing & Painting
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