• Welcome to Eden Elementary
    Physical Education

    Many of our units this year will focus on the following:
    Team sports/skills
    Individual activities
    Recreational Games
    Our Mission:
    Vesting our students with the ability to live an active, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle

    Our Goals:

    Health related physical fitness and wellness
    Allowing our students successful experiences to enhance the development of a positive self-concept, skills to help one's self confidence, assertiveness, independence, and self-control

    We will provide opportunities for the students to develop appropriate social behavior through different experiences

    Developmental concepts
      We will provide the students with experiences in developmental concepts that enhance participation in movement situations

    Specific activity skills
    We will identify and develop specific activity skills that lead to successful participation in sports, recreation, and lifelong fitness

    Enjoyment through moving
    We will provide an environment that fosters enjoyment of physical activity, movement and play

    NYS Physical Education Learning Standards:
    1. Personal Health and Fitness
    2. A Safe and Healthy Environment
    3. Resource Management (utilizing community and surroundings)


    Mr. K.Witman
    Physical Education
    992-3610 X4147
    email: kwitman@edencsd.org
    Miss A. Francisco
    Physical Education
    992-3610 X4146