Earth Day-Nature Walk- 4/20/2020

    Look What I Found on my Nature Walk Today-4/20/2020

    Earth day-use refillable water bottles-4/21/2020

    Go Noodle Earth Day Video


    Science- weather (4/27-5/1/2020)

    Be a Weather Watcher!

    Weather Song

    Thermometer song


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    *These are not assignments friends, just some ideas to help you to remember what we have learned already.  Most importantly- keep reading, stay healthy, and be safe!  Keep checking back for daily read-a-louds!*

    Review Ideas for Science Activities:

    -  Add a weather decription to your daily writing journal.  You can write about the weather or draw a picture!

    -Try and find an example of the Water Cycle.  You can look for: precipitation, collection, evaporation, (did that puddle on the sidewalk dissappear after the sun came out???)

    - Look for animals that have come out of hibernation after the winter...have you seen, (or smelled) a skunk?  Who else hibernates? (Sleeps all winter)  

    -Look for animals that are migrating, (changing where they live when the seasons change), have you seen birds come back this spring?  Robins, geese, look for Hummingbirds starting in May!

    -Look up the life cycle of a frog, we learned about this way back in the fall!  Draw a picture of it or color it in.

    -Look for examples of animals who use camoflauge, who blend into their environment?  and why?

    Review Ideas for Social Studies:

    Google a map of the United States of America. 

    Try to find:

    1: New York State

    2: Atlantic Ocean

    3: Pacific Ocean

    4: Gulf of Mexico

    5: Canada

    6: Compass Rose

    7: Directions- N,S,E,W

    8: Lake Erie

    9: Find another state that you remember talking about- Florida, California, Hawaii, Montana?

    -Google Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. 

    What number president were they? 

    Which one wore a tall black hat? 

    Which on chopped down a cherry tree? 

    Who was a lawyer? 

    Who is on the 1 dollar bill? 

    Who is on the penny?

    Sensory Ideas/movement:

    -water play, fill a big bin with warm water- see what items sink or float.

    -Draw with chalk on the driveway- practice writing letters, numbers, addition problems, skip counting, or just draw a pretty picture!

    -play dough


    -kinetic sand

    -nature walks-look for science treasures

    -walk on the beach-look for sea glass

    - ride bikes