–Eden District Goals–
    as adopted by the board of education

    2019-2020 DISTRICT GOALS


    • Increase academic rigor and raise expectations for all students.
    • Develop a focus on STEAM, with an emphasis on Makerspaces in each building.
    • Embed social/emotional wellness capabilities in staff and students.
    • Implement 21st century learning strategies (creativity, communication, collaboration and problem solving) in classrooms and extracurricular activities.
    • Continue to grow and develop Eden Middle School with a focus on young adolescent learning.
    • Utilize Personalized Learning PK-12 so that each student reaches his or her full potential.
    • Implement a full spectrum of Skills for Success PK-12 so that students are college and career ready (digital literacy, written communication and executive functioning).



    • Provide a focus and commitment PK-12 to 1:1 instructional technology and support for programs PK-12.
    • Focus on professional development for applications implemented in both instructional and non-instructional areas.


    Public Relations

    • Implement the District Communication Plan to enhance our engagement with current stakeholders, promote our successes and attract future Eden CSD families.
    • Foster a community service mindset in students PK-12.
    • Maintain and support a graduation component that requires high school students to engage in a minimum of 20 hours of community service.


    Non-Instructional Operations

    • Implement long-term financial goals that ensure the fiscal stability of the district and enable quality and accurate financial planning through careful use of reserves.
    • Implement the Facility Maintenance Plan, which includes general maintenance projects, annual capital outlay projects, and future capital improvement projects based upon Building Condition Surveys.
    • Develop a replacement plan for district equipment, furniture and technology.