• Eden Choral Course Expectations 2020-2021

    Mrs. J Tylock    JTylock@Edencsd.org

    Room 156 


    The easiest and quickest way to contact me is by school email.  I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. 


    Office Hours - Each Wednesday from 12 - 2pm.  This is when I will have my email up and be responding hopefully in real time.  


    Standard practices for both classroom/virtual choral instruction and environment.


    Note - Our intent as a department is to cover these procedures /practices separately from our traditional classroom procedure guidelines within the course expectation document. It will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate and elaborate on specific procedures that require additional explanation/training.


    Choral Classroom Procedures  - (New for 2020-2021)

    1. Sit only in your assigned seat in the classroom.
    2. Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times - 6’ minimum when not singing.  12’ minimum when singing.
    3. Keep your facemask positioned on your face, nose and under your chin, unless directed otherwise. You will not be allowed to remove your facemask while singing. 
    4. Do not share your personal supplies with other students. Be sure to have your supplies as your teachers will not be able to share their supplies with you.
    5. Stay in your seat unless instructed otherwise. If movement throughout the classroom is required, get permission from the teacher beforehand.
    6. You will be assigned a folder. This will be your folder for the entire year. Do not share your folder or music with anyone else.  
    7. Students will be dismissed individually to put their folders away.  This is to keep within social distancing rules. 


    Virtual Procedures - (New for 2020-2021)

    1. If instruction is delivered virtually, you are responsible for the content of the lesson
    2. You are responsible for communicating your concerns/questions regarding virtual instruction/lessons to your teacher in a timely manner.
    3. Your virtual conduct must mirror your in-class conduct at all times.
    4. You will receive 1 or 2 virtual assignments each week. It is your responsibility to complete the assignment by the posted due date. 


    1.  As of right now there are no concerts scheduled due to Covid.  When concerts are rescheduled they will be 25% of each student’s grade. 

    Concerts are a required part of this class and there are no make up assignments for them. 


    1. Students will receive a weekly participation grade. This will be 50% of the fall semester grade. 


    1. Students will also receive 1 or 2 virtual assignments each week.  It is their responsibility to get the assignments completed and turned in by the due date. This will be 50% of the fall semester grade.


    1. Assignments that are a week overdue will receive no credit. 


    Parents - Please allow students access to Youtube. Some assignments will be in video form. All videos will be previewed and approved by the Eden district. Videos not approved can’t be viewed while using their district chrome books. 


    As of right now concerts are on hold due to Covid. This could change at any time. 

    Rescheduled concert dates will be sent out to students and parents as soon as the information is available. 


    Concert Attire

    1. All students may wear all black or a white dress shirt with black dress bottoms and dress shoes. 
    2. No jeans, sweat pants, sneakers, etc. allowed.
    3. All concert clothes must follow the district rules for dress code. 
    4. Students not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed to perform.

    Classroom Behavior

    1. All students are expected to follow the code of conduct. 
    2. You are expected to speak politely and kindly to other students and the teacher.
    3. Follow all class procedures and directions from the teacher. 
    4. All materials and folders must be back in their assigned spot before students leave the classroom.
    5. When you enter the chorus room the first thing you do is get your folder from the rack. DO NOT GET ANOTHER STUDENT’S FOLDER FOR THEM!
    6. Students will be dismissed individually in order to put their folders away. 
    7. Do not destroy either your folder, music, or papers. 

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