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    I’m looking forward to working with my students throughout the year, and hope that we make it through to June with the fewest amount of bumps in the road as possible.  Every Wednesday, I will have open Office Hours on Zoom for students to be able to sign in and ask questions on assignments and receive face-to-face help.  My Office Hours schedule aligns with the day-to-day schedule, making it easier for students to have the opportunity to join:

    • ELA 7 - 9:05-9:35
    • Resource - 9:45-10:30
    • ELA 8 - 12:45-1:15

    If you have questions and would prefer to contact me through email, my email address is listed below.


    Thank you!


    Room: 234

    Department: Student Support

    Subjects Taught: ELA 7, ELA 8, Resource Room

    Phone: (716) 992-3600 x2234

    Email: aszczesniak@edencsd.org