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    Welcome to Eden High School
    3150 Schoolview Road ~ Eden, New York 14057
    Phone: (716) 992-3600 Ext. 2000  Fax: (716) 992-3652

    7:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
    High School Principal/DASA Coordinator
    Mr. Jason E. Lyons
    Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
    Mr. Jason Iwankow
    (716) 992-3600 Ext. 2781
    Mrs. Susan Waszak, Senior Clerk Typist

    A friendly reminder to all parents:

    In accordance with board policy, students signing out of school must have a note from the parent/guardian.  In addition, the parent/guardian must come into the building to sign out their child.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe.

  • Principal’s Message Concerning e-learning

    It seems that our technology may have developed in a way that was unexpected. Many parents are looking on teacher's websites to have an understanding of what their children should be doing. Unfortunately many of our staff have transitioned to Google Classroom more & more. 

    Some teachers may still be using their website, email, or other e-communication means to update students & parents about those materials for their class.   

    Many teachers though are primarily using Google Classroom for the location where they place their class's content. We are encouraging teachers to put a notice that they place  their online information on Google Classroom. In addition, we are asking them to put a link to their Google Classroom as well. 

    I would strongly encourage parents to email teachers to be added to their Google Classroom. This would allow parents to know what sites/activities/enrichment materials the teachers are posting there. Parents can then choose how often they receive notifications for postings from your Google Classroom site. 

    Hopefully this does a better job informing parents how teachers are providing online learning materials to our students. 

    Thank you for your understanding as we develop our online learning at Eden HS. We are all learning in this new world. 

    Stay safe & stay healthy,

    Jason E. Lyons

    Eden High School Principal


    As part of our process to improve the pace at which students are dropped-off at school, we are making some minor modifications at the beginning of the second semester (Monday, January 27) at Eden Middle & High School. As a reminder, the Athletic entrance is available for parents to drop-off students in the morning to alleviate traffic at the Parent Drop-Off Circle in the front of the building. If Schoolview gets backed-up, we may direct you to drop off at the Athletic entrance.

    At the Parent Drop-Off Circle, you will notice that there will be staff directing traffic. Our intention is for more students to exit vehicles at the same time. There will be a staff member at the crosswalk, as well. This staff member will hold students and direct them when to cross the crosswalk, and also direct cars to either wait or move forward. The Science wing doors will now be open so that students toward the back of the circle can enter there.

    As a friendly reminder, and in an attempt to improve student tardiness and attendance, please try to schedule your drop-off earlier than 7:30AM. If too many parents drop- off students at     7:28 AM or 7:29 AM, it is unlikely that those students will be able to make homeroom at 7:30 AM on time.  

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Jason E. Lyons

    Eden High School Principal

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