• edencsd


    2902 SCHOOLVIEW RD, EDEN, NY 14057 

    Phone: (716) 992-3633      Fax:  (716) 992-9235


    General Transportation Email - transportation@edencsd.org

    Transportation Supervisor - Mary Banko - mbanko@edencsd.org

    Head Bus Driver - Cynthia Kasper - ckasper@edencsd.org

    Senior Clerk Typist - Cheri Stephens - cstephens@edencsd.org 



    District Drop-off Guidelines:

    • Pre-K - 2nd grade - Driver must see parent/guardian or high-school age sibling/babysitter before the student will be allowed off the bus.
    • 3rd and 4th grade - Driver must have reasonable assurance that someone is home for the student.
    • 5th grade and up  - No drop-off restrictions
    • If you would like a Pre-K - 4th grade student to get off the bus with a 5th grade sibling, a note must be sent to our department at the above general email address. 
Last Modified on February 14, 2020