• Safety is our most important focus!  

    • Safety starts when you wake up!  Leave enough time to get ready for school so you don't have to rush to the bus.
    • Wait for the driver's signal before getting on or off the bus.
    • Keep backpack straps short so you don't trip and so they don't get caught on anything.
    • When you get on the bus, go directly to your seat. 
    • You are safest when you sit properly.  Hold your backpack on your lap and keep the aisle clear. 
    • A school bus is an extension of the school day.  Please follow the same rules of good behavior that you do in the classroom.
  • 2902 Schoolview Rd
    Eden, NY 14057

    Tel:  (716) 992-3633
    Fax: (716) 992-9235

    General email - transportation@edencsd.org

    Transportation Supervisor - Mary Banko - mbanko@edencsd.org

    Head Bus Driver - Cindy Kasper - ckasper@edencsd.org

    Sr Clerk Typist - Cheri Stephens - cstephens@edencsd.org

Last Modified on July 6, 2023