• WEEK OF 5/26 till the end


    5 Minute + and - fact fluency 

    practice fact fluency


    Take one of the timed test and have someone set a timer for 5 minutes.  After the timer goes off have someone count how many you got correct and write it at the top of the page.  Then complete what you didn't finish and have someone check it over.  The objective is to get better each time you take one!


    E. Radke

    2nd grade Math AIS

    5/26 til the end













    WEEK OF 5/18


    build a shape

    THis week we are going to have some fun with shapes!  Use the link for lessons and fun activities with shapes.  Color and cut out the tangrams.  You can also create your own shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows.   Send me some pics of your fun with these activities.  







    2nd Grade

    Math AIS

    E. Radke





    make a clock


    hour & half hour


    15 min increments

    Mon.    Make a clock and understand minute and hour hand.. Hour hand should always come first then figure out minutes Practice reading and setting hour and half hour increments.


    Tues.  Use clock to review yesterday's lesson.  Then complete the hour &  half hour page for practice.


    Weds.  Review previous lessons using the clock to read a time and set a given time.  Then practice 15 minute increments. Use vocabulary like quarter to, quarter after, half past. Be sure they understand 2:45 is the same as quarter to 3 etc.  


    Thurs.  Review Mon-Weds lessons using the clock.  Then give the 15 minute increment sheet to practice.


    Fri.  Review setting the clock and reading the clock for all learned so far.  Then introduce 5 minute increments. Hour hand first, then figure out minute hand.  Teach AM/PM


    PLease feel free to practice using the clock you have made as much as needed.   Also please continue to practice money and addition and subtraction facts as well.  Thank you for all you do!


    Week of 5/4



    Complete the packet throughout the week.  Do a page or 2 a day.  Continue to work on your addition and subtraction facts fluency!


    Grade 2

    Math AIS

    E. Radke