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    Mrs. Sandra Priest-Ploetz
    Teaching Library Grades 3-6
    Phone: 992-3610 ext. 4240
    E-mail: sploetz@edencsd.org
    Question about a child's library book?   Please contact Mrs. Ploetz via e-mail and provide the following information: Your child's name, teacher's name and the title of the book.  Also give me a telephone number/e-mail where you can be reached. Due to the large volume of students I service each day, children in grades 3 & 4 will be checking out 1 book per week until January with 8 renewals. Fifth and sixth grade students may check out  2 titles per week until January and have up to 4 renewals. Second semester, the grades will be reversed with Grades 3-4 moving up to 2 checkouts and Grades 5-6 moving to 1 as the titles they check-out are typically longer.  With no aide assigned to the library, the Eden Elementary Library is always in need of volunteers willing to re-shelve/ process books.