Pre K- for the week of April 6, 2020- FUN Ideas!!  blocks


    Science:- Float/Sink- putting different objects into a bucket of water

    Guess/Predict:  Before putting an object into the water, guess what it will do, float or sink:) Have fun!


    Math: Count how many objects float and how many sink?  Which is more/less?   


    ELA: Look at the objects you use for the Float/Sink experiment. What letter does the name of the object start with? Using plastic Easter eggs, put letters/objects in them and put the eggs in the water.  Start with the floating ones, with your eyes closed, open one egg and feel the letter/object and guess what it is. And then do the ones that sunk. Have fun!!  

    Sensory: Water color changing experiment- put water in several different cups. Add different colored food coloring to each cup.Now with an empty cup, pour a little of 2 different colors into that empty cup to see what color it makes. Guess/Predict: Before putting the new colors into the cup, guess what the color of the water will change to (example: red and blue, yellow and blue).


    Social/Emotional:  Try these “Water” ideas with a brother/sister and/or Mom/Dad:)  Please remember our “Garden of Good Manners” (please, thank you, you’re welcome,  may I, I’m sorry, and excuse me). 


    Writing:  Using the colored water from the sensory experiment, write your first/last name with either a paintbrush or q-tip! Write it on a coffee filter or on the sidewalk/driveway outside! 

                                                   lion   Keep practicing your fine motor skills:)

    Continuing practice on these resources:   IXL, GLP Pre-K Computer Lab Links, Listening to Alphatale books, dry-erase name sheets

    Have fun, enjoy the sunshine and have a fantastic Easter!






    Shae For the Week of March 30,2020


    Flashlights: ( daytime &/or nighttime)

    Math: -go around the house and find numbers 0-5(or higher) in order

              -place number cards around the house (use painter tape to put on walls, etc…)

              -find different shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle, …)
    - Practice IXL on a tablet/phone/computer (message me if you need your IXL login information) 

    ELA: -Go on a “letter hunt” around your house - use books, signs, even food packages, and look for letters in your daily life. Discuss what those letters sound like 

    -Rhyming activity: say a word and your parent/guardian/sibling/babysitter has to say a rhyming word back - keep going until you’re all out of rhyming words and then start over!

    Science/Social Studies:-Watch the sunset (or the rain/sunshine!), draw a picture, discuss what you saw

    -Look for signs of spring outside … What is different about your environment now that it is spring? Draw what you see! 

    Social/Emotional:  Shadow Puppet Theater 


    Sensory Bin: https://exploreandmore.org/sanity-savers-sensory-tables/


    Writing:  First and last name-  Besides writing utensils try:   NAME


    *pudding on a plate/ shaving cream

    *play doh 

    * outside in the mud with a stick  

    * individual letter on a post-it note / piece of paper 


    Continuing practice on these resources: IXL, GLP Pre-K Computer Lab Links, Listening to Alphatale books




    Week of March 24, 2020:


    Please see our Teacher Page for ideas:)



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