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    Welcome to
       Mrs. Cuddihy's
      & Mrs. Christman
       Pre K

       A.M. class = 8:45am-11:15am

     P.M. class = 12:35pm-3:05pm

    Things Needed/Supply List 

    Pre Kindergarten List 

    All Supplies are for individual use ONLY!
     1.)  change of clothes - seasonally appropriate
     2.) art smock (big t-shirt works best!) labeled with name
     3.) sturdy take-home folder
     4.) own headphones for technology (Please put in plastic baggie with name on baggie.)
     5.)  sturdy regular-size backpack (no wheels please)
     6.) may keep a pair of sneakers in his/her locker
    7.) plastic pencil box(case)
    8.) Fiskars 5" scissors for kids, blunt tip
    9.) 1 box 8-count Crayola crayons(thin)
    10.) 1 box 10-count Crayola Classic color markers
    Room: 58
    Grade: Pre Kindergarten
    Phone: 992-3638 ext. 3058