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    Model UN Adviser 

                                        Model UN Quarantine Project:  Model UN Alone Together Around the World 

    AFS Adviser

    Good-bye to our 2019-2020 International Students: 

    Kenta Nakane

    Simon Hofmann

    Jovid Azzizov

    Mia Alhammouri

    Luca Bargiacchi

    Julia Sancha

    Sergio Blanco Perez

    Cultural Diffusion-Coca Cola Delivery, MorroccoCultural Diffusion: Coca Cola Delivery, Morocco

    Room: 236
    Department: Social Studies
    Subjects This Year: 2019-2020
    Social Studies 7 and Social Studies 8
    (previous years: Psychology, Economics
    International Relations, Participation in Government
    and Global 1 and Global 2)
    Phone: 992-3600 x 2236

     Hello Classes and Parents, I am currently working on your grades.  Nothing will show up on Powerschool until grades are posted by the school.  In the meantime I am having Good-bye for the Summer "Parties" on Google Meet for each of my classes this week. This will be an opportunity for my students and I to check in with each other and to say good-bye.  However, if any student or parent needs to get in touch with me, please know you can email me at any time.


     "Office Hours" - As I am quarantined with my 85 year old mother and my husband I have to be concerned with her care and good health.   Therefore, I must limit my availability to 8AM to 4PM .  I will be answering emails as I receive them.  Due to the fact I may receive as many as 50 emails a day please don't think I forgot you.  I wll get to your email as soon as possible.  

    Please stay safe and healthy so we may see each other in September!

    Mrs. Pace