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    Visitto check out newly posted academic and behavioral interventionstrategies, download publications on effective teaching practices, anduse tools that streamline classroom assessment and intervention. JimWright, a school psychologist and school administrator from Central NewYork, created the site.
    Reference for handling over 117 misbehaviors at school and home. Onthis site you will be able to determine a specific behavior, realizethe effects of the behavior, read suggested actions for changing thebehavior, and uncover some common errors in managing the child whichmay perpetuate or intensify the problem.

    ISTE,a nonprofit membership organization, provides leadership and service toimprove teaching, learning, and school leadership by advancing theeffective use of technology in PK–12 and teacher education.








    ChooseEDUCATIONAL RESOURCES for links to online classes, podcasts, andarticles on topics such as assessment, curriculum, tech integration,project based learning, Web 2.0 as well as links to subject specificresources.
    Choose NETS for National Educational Technology Standards for students, teachers and administrators.
    Resource for addressing and teaching appropriate technology behavior through the 9 themes of Digital Citizenship.
    Click the ‘resources’ tab on top, then
    Listsand examples of a variety of different types of questions andquestioning tools which will help teachers formulate essentialquestions and differentiate instruction
    Find information on lesson planning, technology integration, and current school issues. Providesmany real and fun articles to read about education today. Has manyideas for teachers who like to vary their yearly lesson routine with alearning game of the week and Friday fun ideas. Seemsto go along with the school year since currently there is muchinformation on making your back to school routine not so routine.
    Resource guide for teachers, administrators, counselors and just about anyone involved with educating children. You can find articles, links to quality sites and specific lessons and ideas to help with teaching.
    Stay informed on current educational issues and expectations.
    Stay informed on current educational issues and expectations in New York State.
    This is a comprehensive site dedicated to the implementation of a data-based approach to instructional improvement. Included are the steps to success in an easily understood question and answer format. ThisWeb tool was created and is maintained through collaboration betweenEdvantia and the CCSSO State Collaborative on Assessment and StudentStandards.
    Toolkit98 is designed to assist classroom teachers to become better assessors of student learning. Included at the bottom of the page are samples of formative assessments in several subject areas.

    Diverseand innovative media resources available from The George LucasEducational Foundation designed to connect and inspire positive changein all areas of education.

    An in-depth and interactive resource, Edutopia.org offerspractical, hands-on advice, real-world examples, lively contributionsfrom practitioners, and invaluable tips and tools. Through an extensiveoffering of documentaries, Edutopia video is a catalyst forinnovation by helping educators and parents, as well as business andcommunity leaders, see and understand pioneering best practices.
    TheNational Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) has developed thiscomprehensive site to help facilitate and support the development,replication, scalability, and sustainability of RTI to improveeducational outcomes for all students. Efforts focus on offering thestrategies and tools needed for school-wide reform, accurateidentification of students with learning disabilities, and parentinvolvement in the RTI process.
    Visit to get a quick synopsis of formative assessments, including examples and resources.
    NAESP provides the professional support system and the critical information that you need 24/7! Website is open to non-members for some research.

    Principal magazineand seven other newsletters offer you the latest news on education'shot issues, plus practical ways to improve your school.

    Communicator newsletter offers advice on community relations, updates from Capitol Hill, and public relations tips and information.

    Aquarterly e-newsletter designed to help teachers and principals discussthe teaching and learning going on in their schools. The newsletterincludes Web sites for further exploration, print resources, and tipson what to do about classroom management.

    Thisquarterly e-newsletter offers current research information on importanttopics. Membership requirement is needed for some resources.
    NASSPprovides members with the professional research-based and peer-testedresources, and practical tools and materials they need to serve asvisionary school leaders. Principal Leadershipmagazine focuses on school leaders' real needs, offering thempractical, hands-on strategies for improving their schools in aconstantly evolving educational environment. Principal's Research Review  identifiesand summarizes the most relevant research on a topic of interest toprincipals and draws implications for the principal's work. A Legal Memorandum, a quarterly publication, provides in-depth information on prominent topics in education law.
    Membership requirement is needed for some resources.

    TheNational Staff Development Council (NSDC) is the largest non-profitprofessional association committed to ensuring success for all studentsthrough staff development and school improvement.

    NSDCpublications provide the bridge between what is known abouthigh-quality staff development and how you can put those ideas intopractice. The full text of all NSDC publications is available to NSDCmembers. Follow the links from this page to get to tables of contentsto link to individual articles. Once members are logged in, they willhave access to any article link. Non-members can purchase individualarticles or newsletter issues through the NSDC Bookstore. A verylimited selection of articles is available to the public.

    TheResponsive Classroom is an approach to elementary teaching thatemphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safeschool community. Access monthly newsletters and teacher tips. This isthe resource used by Dr. Weidler for teacher information and support.

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