• Breakfast & Lunch Time-

    School breakfast and lunch are available for purchase daily. If you wish for your child to attend breakfast every morning, please let me know at the beginning ot the school year so they are able to do so.

    Students who need to attend breakfast at the cafeteria may do so after checking in with me or Mrs Slisz when they arrive! However, if a student is late for school and the breakfast session has ended, this morning meal service will likely not be available as breakfast ends at 9:00 A.M.


    Lunchtime for our class is scheduled from 11:50-12:20 daily and Mrs. Slisz will accompany the students to the cafeteria to assist them as needed. Students needing to purchase a lunch will make their menu selection in the morning when they arrive in the classroom.


    Monthly menus are available on the GLP School website. In order to purchase a meal, you will need to make a payment using the My School Bucks system (see link below); no cash payments are accepted. Please reach out to the GLP main office with any additional questions.

      MySchoolBucks prepaid lunch

    Free & Reduced Lunch Information

    Breakfast & Lunch Menus

    Lunch visitors: The Hard Work Cafe is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you are planning on joining your child for lunch, you will have to sign in at the main office, and they will walk you down to the HWC. Wednesdays the Hard Work Cafe is closed to visitors.