• Rules for Our Classroom Community:

    Be Respectful and Considerate 

    Listen politely while others are speaking

    Raise your hand if you want to share an idea

    Be respectful of the ideas and opinions shared by others

    Use kind words

    Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    Be Responsible 

    Be honest and learn from your mistakes

    Follow directions and ask if you are unsure

    Try your best to be prepared for lessons and activities

    Do the Right Thing 

    Always try your best to make good choices!


    Behavior Management System- Class Dojo

    ***IMPORTANT: Class Dojo is now offering a service called Class Dojo Plus that costs you money. Please only use the FREE version of this app. There is no need to purchase anything extra. We will only be utilizing the FREE features on Class Dojo - so do not be alarmed!***

    This year, I will be utilizing an innovative online tool called Class Dojo to help keep you informed of your child’s behavior at school, as well as to share exciting classroom news and photos. Within Class Dojo, students can both earn points for demonstrating positive behaviors and lose points for making poor choices in the classroom and at specials. As a teacher, I can post photos of the fun things we are doing at school and share messages regarding your child or our class as a whole. All that you need to do is download the free app and enter your parent code (please see your child’s Class Dojo flyer for your specific code and more detailed instructions on how to get started). Once your account is set up, you will receive alerts when your child has earned or lost a point, along with a brief statement explaining the point change. For example, your child may earn a point for “showing determination” and “demonstrating empathy” towards others, while our negative points include “poor self-control” and “off-task”.