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    IRLA (Independent Reading Level Assessment) 

    Tracking Steps:  IRLA logs will be in students' take home folders and should return to school every day. For every 15 minutes you and your child read together counts as one step. It is recommended the students read 30 minutes each night. When you initial the IRLA log please write the date and circle the house for the number of minutes that your child read. 

    Medals: For every 100 steps, students will receive an IRLA medal from the school. Students will also hear their name in the morning announcements for each medal received. 

    Power Words: Please practice power words with your child at home. It is helpful to make flash cards to increase students' PW fluency. Below is a list of the power words for Kindergarten. Power words may also be referred to as sight words. It is encouraged that students are able to see the word and say it right away. 

    1G Power Words

    2G Power Words

    2G Category Words

    1B Tricky Words


    Goals: Transitioning into 1B by the end of Kindergarten