•  Class Dojo

    I will be using ClassDojo for Behavior Management, Class Stories, and Parent Communication. This app is easily downloadable for any phone.


    Class Behaviors: Students will be able to earn points for good behavior, kind acts, and following directions. Points will be removed if students are having a difficult time following our classroom rules after 3 reminders. Parents are able to see student's points on the app. At the end of each month, students will be able to use their points earned at the Kraska Classroom store! 


    Class Stories: Important information, events, pictures of classroom learning, and reminders will be posted on our class story to keep parents informed and up to date throughout the school year. 


    Parent Communication: Messages are private between the students' parents and teacher. I use this as our major form of communication. I try my best to respond quickly during the day. As always, notes, phone calls and emails are always welcome! 


    Individual Behavior Cards:

    Each student will have a behavior card on their desk for each month of school. When students are following the classroom rules, being kind, responsible, and working hard, students will get the chance to color in one of the reward pictures on their card. Once your child has all 10 colored, they will be able to pick from the classroom prize box. 


    Reward Jar: 

    The jar will be used to earn rewards as a whole class. At times students can earn stars individually for good behavior, following the classroom rules, kind acts, and working hard. The class is also able to earn stars together. After the jar is full, the class will be rewarded with what was decided when the jar was empty. 


    Teacher Jr.

    Each day a new student will be picked to be Teacher Jr. The Teacher Jr is my shadow for the day. They will be able to pass out papers, call table numbers to line up, help with morning meeting, rotate groups, and take any notes to the office. In order to get picked to be the Teacher Junior, students have to follow all the classroom rules, help others, and demonstrate appropriate behavior.