• Internet Safety Information for Parents

    Keeping kids safe on the Internet is a big concern. At school, we talk a lot about how kids can keep themselves safe. Here are some tips that we give the kids in computer lab!
    1. Always let your parents know when you are using the computer. Ask their permission to go onto the Internet.
    2. Have your computer with Internet access located in a room where your parents can watch what you are doing on the Internet.
    3. NEVER give out your personal information to anyone over the Internet. This includes your name, address, school, sports teams, phone number, playgrounds that you visit, etc.
    4. Tell an adult if something happens while you are on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable (ex: a pop-up appears asking you for your name or other personal information OR an inappropriate picture pops up on the screen).
    5. Give your parents the passwords to your email or any other secure sites that you visit (ex: MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, RUNESCAPE or chat rooms). Parents, check these site regularly to see what activity is happening!
    6. Remember, ANYTHING you do on the Internet can be copied and archived. Do not put anything anywhere on the web that you do not want your parents, teachers, co-workers, employers, college admission officers, etc to see! Even using privacy settings does not guarantee that your information is completely private!

    The Internet is a wonderful resource, but safety is always important. Visit some of these sites to learn more about online safety for your family!


    Kids Heath for Parents


    iSafe - check out the iParent Times in the Quick Links box - a great newsletter for parents!


    Wired Safety

    Stop Bullying Now!

    Most of the above sites have a Parent's section which is worth taking a look at!

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