• Pre-K Supply List

    Miss Jimenez – Ms. Mathis – Miss Sullivan

    • Full size backpack
    • A take home folder
    • An extra set change of clothes of seasonally appropriate clothing in case of accidents
    • Art smock (an oversized tee-shirt works well)
    • Headphones for iPads (put in gallon plastic baggie, labeled with name)
    • plastic pencil box(case)
    • Fiskars 5" scissors for kids, blunt tip (Handle has 1 large hole & 1 small hole)
    • 1 box 8-count Crayola crayons (thin)
    • 1 box 10-count Crayola Classic color markers
    • Full day program ONLY: blanket and mat for naptime

    Supplies will be used by your child ONLY.