• A message from the

    Superintendent of Eden Central Schools 

    Superintendent Anzalone


       January 2020


    Yes, it’s true! I have decided to retire. My last day with the district will be June 30.


       This has been a difficult, yet easy decision. Difficult, because this is such an exciting time for Eden Schools. There is no doubt that the last capital project catapulted us into new possibilities for our students. Thank you, for your trust and support.  


       Eden Central School District is in a good place because of all of you, our staff and our students. This helps make my decision to retire easier. Each of you, no matter what role you play, is integral to why Eden Central School District is an amazing place! 


       Thank you for the trust and friendship you have offered me at Eden for the past seven years. My husband and I are looking forward to spending time with our family who are scattered across the states. Most importantly, we are excited to spend time with each other.


       We are so fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated and experienced Board of Education, already focused on creating as smooth a transition as possible with my successor.


       Thank you for all you do each and every day for Eden Schools and each other. 




    Sandra Anzalone 



    "Attitude is Everything"