• KLAB At Home Learning

    These are suggested activities to do with your child while we are away from school to reinforce the skills we work on during our KLAB sessions.  All of the teachers miss our students very much! Stay safe and well!


    1.  Practice letter naming and letter sounds.  The vowel sounds should be the short sounds: a- apple, i-igloo, o-octopus, u-umbrella, e- elephant.  You can use (or make) flashcards or simply write the letters in random order on a piece of paper.


    2.   Say the letter sounds one at time and have your child write the sound of the letter.


    3.  Have your child read simple real and nonsense words with a consonant, short vowel, consonant (CVC) pattern.  Some examples are:  can, dad, sit, sat, tan, mat, bim, lut, ten, cot, tot  etc..  Have your child spell simple CVC words when you say them.


    4.  Have your child read simple sentences such as:  The fat cat sat on the mat.  You can make up silly sentences together and practice reading and writing them.


    5.  Practice the sight words that your child's teacher has recommended.


    6.  Most importantly, read daily with your child.  Visit my web resource page for some links to free ebooks.


    7.  Check your local TV listings for WNED PBS learning content.