• Eden Middle & High School

    Drop off and Pick up Scenarios 

    During the school day (7:30 am to 2:12 pm)
    1. You must use the New Main Entrance Loop
    Before School (prior to 7:30 am) and After School (after 2:12 pm)
    1. You may use the New Main Entrance Loop (this is a one-Way and you enter from the sports & visitor parking entrance)
    2. You may use the Sports Entrance if you have equipment to bring in or take
    home (you enter from the sports/visitor entrance: Note: this is the student and
    faculty parking lot, this will be busy and you may not block parking spots)
    The Aud Entrance is used for students arriving to school on the bus.
    The South Doors between the Aud door and the New Main Entrance
    will NOT be open. Students should NOT be dropped off at these doors.
    Middle School drop off and picup map