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    1. Treat classmates with kindness

    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself

    3. Politely obey all adults

    4. Be a good listener, raise your hand


    Your child will get a cut out shape for the week that represents how they behaved in class. If a child does not follow the rules, his/her name moves down on the class chart.  First he/she will be given a warning, his/her name stays up on the chart. If the child continues the behavior after a warning is given, his/her name is moved down. If the child makes good choices after his/her name has been moved down he/she can move his/her name back up the chart.  But if the behavior still continues, he/she will not get a sticker for that day.  At the end of the day, each child whose name has not been moved down will receive a sticker for that day.  On Fridays, any student who has 4 or 5 stickers for the week will choose from the prize box.