• Mental Health Resources


    If you need help or someone to talk to, here are some suggestions:  Parent, Teacher, Counselor, School Resource Officer, Other Safe Adult, Your General Doctor or Pediatrician.  24-Hour Addiction Hotline 716-831-7007.  If you or anyone need help call:  911 for mental health emergencies.


    Eden Middle & High School Counseling Staff - Call 992-3601

    Mr. Scott Minton-School Counselor Gr. 6-8

    Mrs. Jennifer Dibble-School Counselor Gr. 9-12 (A-K)                                                           

    Mr. David Hassett-School Counselor Gr. 9-12 (L-Z)

    Mrs. Helen Knab-School Social Worker Gr. 6-12

    Mrs. Jennifer Carriero-School Psychologist (District)

    Mr. Joseph Weis-School Psychologist (District)

    Mrs. Heather Kacala-CPS District Liaison 449-6603

    Mrs. Ashley Geraghty-Nurse 992-3615


    Eden Elementary & GLP School Counseling Staff

    Mrs. Shannon Fitzgerald-School Counselor Gr. K-5 992-3685

    Mrs. Holly Tredo-School Social Worker Gr. K-5 992-3617

    Mrs. Jennifer Carriero-School Psychologist (District) 992-3601

    Mr. Joseph Weis-School Psychologist (District) 992-3680

    Mrs. Heather Kacala-CPS District Liaison 449-6603

    Ms. Darlene Smith-Nurse (EE) 992-3611

    Mrs. Stephania Cooper-Nurse (GLP) 992-3612


    Eden Family Support Center

    Mrs. Shannon Fitzgerald – 992-3685

    Mr. Joseph Weis – 992-3680


    Crisis Services

    C.A.R.E.S. Team: Crisis Services for Youth & Family – 716-882-4357

    24 Hour Hotline – 716-834-3131

    Kids Help Line – 716-834-1144

    Crisis Services Website: www.crisisservices.org

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    Suicide Prevention Coalition of Erie County: 716-834-2310



    Kids Helpline 1-877-KIDS-400

    Chautauqua County Hotline 1-800-724-0461

    24-Hour Erie County Domestic Violence Hotline

    716-862-HELP       For Shelter: 716-884-6000

    24-Hour NYS Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline 1-800-942-6906

    Buffalo NY Gay & Lesbian Youth Services GLYS 716-855-0221