• Eden CSD 1:1 Device Information


    Eden Central School District utilizes a 1:1 device policy for students to have the equipment they need to take their education further.

    The ability to use school equipment both at school and at home brings added responsibilities.

    Take the following steps to understand the expectations set for student/parents/guardian:

    1)  Read the Eden 1:1 User Agreement

    Pdf file of Eden 1:1 User Agreement

    2)  Verify you understand the Eden 1:1 User Agreement by completing the following survey.  You must login using the student's district email to view the survey and verify the agreement.

    Verify you have read the Eden 1:1 User Agreement Here

    3)  Optional Insurance - Decide if you would like to purchase insurance to cover accidental damage to your assigned device.

    The insurance portal will be open periodically to purchase coverage at Worth Ave. Group/Eden portal

     Link to purchase Insurance for School Devices