Participation in Government

  • Participation in Government

    Grade 12 Mr. Agen

    Room 231



    Welcome to Mr. Agen’s 2018/2019 edition of Participation In Government class at Eden Central High School. It is my pleasure to have you as a student this year and I look forward to both an educationally valuable and successful year. This year we will be studying about the American Government and how we participate in the governmental and legislative process. We will be engaging the community and learning about what makes the United States government and constitution on one of the most unique governments in the entire world.


    Student and Classroom Expectations


    As a high school student in the Eden Central School district, it is my expectation that you will conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Your behavior and effort should always make the school district, your family, and above all yourself proud. I will expect the following from you on a daily basis.

    • Enter the Classroom on time and in a polite/orderly fashion. Materials out and ready.
    • Be prepared for class. Be respectful of all other people and cultures in the classroom.
    • Raise your hand and do not interrupt teachers or others when talking.
    • No Electronics or distracting materials in the classroom. You will be given 1 warning to put it away before it is taken from you for the day.
    • No inappropriate language or actions in the classroom.
    • Follow all school rules according the the Eden Central School District code of conduct.  


    Give me your best effort and complete your work to the best of your ability we will have a great year.


    Grading Policy- Every Quarter


    Tests and Quizzes- 25 %

    • Tests will be graded by percentage out of 100. We will have 2 to 4 unit tests per quarter. 13 Units in all.
    • Study Guides will usually but not always be provided before a Test.
    • There will be no surprise Tests.
    • Quizzes will be given periodically throughout chapter as well.
    • All tests and quizzes can be retaken by appointment with Mr. Agen.

    Classwork- 25%

    • These are assignments completed in the classroom with Teacher guidance.
    • If I am collecting classwork, it will count for a classwork grade.
    • Some classwork is done independently while some is completed in groups.


    • Can include but not limited to actively participating in discussion, raising hand to answer questions, projects, and completing individual or group work.

    Homework- 25%

    • Homework assignments will be given to students to complete routinely throughout the year.
    • Usually no more than 3 assignments per week.
    • Late homework is taken but is given half-credit. Will accept late-work until 2 days after the assignment due date unless the quarter ends.


    Final Exam

    The Final Exam in the class will be a portfolio project. This Project will require you to participate in 5 hours of community service as well as attend a school board and town board meeting. More details and opportunities about the Portfolio will be available shotley after the beginning of the class.   

    School Year Grade Scale

    The four quarters if school and the final exam will be graded/weighed as such

    • Quarter 1- 20 %
    • Quarter 2-20%
    • Quarter 3- 20%
    • Quarter 4- 20 %
    • Final Exam- 20%


    Class Materials

    2 Inch Binder

    Loose Leaf Paper

    Pens and Pencils

    Colored Pencils


    Student Absence Policy


    Attendance is an important part of being successful in Social Studies and in all of your classes. It is expected that you will come to class regularly and on time. Being absent is not always in your control, but making up the work you missed is! It is important to ask Mr. Agen for any work you missed while gone.


    • If your are absent the day when an assignment is due, it is due the day you return.
    • If you are absent the day an assignment is given, you will have the number of days that other students were given to complete the assignment from the day you return. (Ex. An assignment was given monday due Wednesday. If you come back on Tuesday you would be given the 2 days to complete the assignment.)


    Extra Help/ Contact

    Extra help from Mr. Agen will be available when an appointment is made by a student after consulting with Mr. Agen. For any questions, concerns, or comments throughout the school year, I can be reached at (716) 992-3630 ext 2231 or at bagen@edencsd.org during school hours.