Speech Improvement Program

  • The Speech Improvement Program is available to all qualifying students in the Eden Central School District. This program can fall largely into three areas:

    Articulation Delays- These typically involve a child's ability to produce age-appropriate speech (articulation) sounds in order to communicate effectively.
    Fluency- Hesitations while speaking characterized by word and sound repetitions and prolongations. 
    Voice Disorders- Vocal qualities characterized by hoarseness, nasality and periodic or total loss of voice. 

    Both parents and teachers are supportive of Speech Improvement programs because of the apparent connection between articulation, spelling, reading and written language. 

    Speech Screening Procedure

    • All incoming kindergarten students' speech is screened during district kindergarten screening process
    • Children not identified through the kindergarten screening process can be referred by classroom teachers and parents to the building speech therapist for screening
    • Upon obtaining signed parental consent, those children will be given a speech screening
    • Children whose speech errors qualify for therapy will be given weekly speech therapy upon parental permission