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  • Power Words (Sight Words)

    As part of the IRLA framework, your child will be expected to master a set of “Power Word” lists that contain many of the most common terms included in children’s literature. I have broken these lists up into chunks of 10 words that will be sent home with your child as flashcards at the beginning of each week. Your child will also be bringing home brief activity sheets that can be used to reinforce his or her recognition of these terms. Please plan to set aside five to ten minutes for practicing these words on a nightly basis, or as often as possible.

    *Please note: Your child does not have to return/hand in the activity sheets or flashcards; they are provided as resource so that your child has the tools needed for effective practice.

    IRLA Reading Steps

    Over the course of the school year, your child will be expected to build his/her reading stamina through nightly reading. These periods of independent reading, also known as “Steps” in the IRLA framework, will be charted and your child will be able to earn medals for reaching certain milestones (e.g. 100 steps)! You will receive more information on these steps later on in the year, so please stay tuned.



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