• Freshmen Academy Course Expectation

    Printable Freshmen Academy Course Expectations


    This is a freshmen seminar course where students will learn the basic study, social, organizational and life skills that are essential in order to be successful both in and after high school.

    This course is designed to be a positive, hands-on collaborative environment where students will work together to foster professional communication (both verbal and written) skills that will be applied in the classroom, at home, and later in the workplace. 

    Course Objectives:

    Students will be able to:

    • Learn and apply successful study skills that will equip them for academics and high school in general.
    • Practice and apply successful public speaking and life skills in order to communicate better with their peers, parents, and teachers.
    • Develop and use basic grammar and punctuation skills in both written and verbal tasks for better understanding and comprehension.
    • Utilize technology for positive and educational purposes.
    • Develop, practice, and apply common-core critical thinking skills to impact higher level thinking and creativity.


    Supplies needed:

    A notebook for journaling, folder, pen, earbuds, and Google Classroom account


    Late Work and Make-Up Work:

    Assignments will be accepted one day late with a penalty of TEN points. Short assignments will be accepted one day late for half credit.  They will not be accepted after that. 

    If a student is absent from school, it is his or her responsibility to find out what was missed in class.  Homework will be posted on the google classroom and should be checked for missed work.  If homework is posted on google classroom, it is expected to at least be attempted by the student and will be asked for upon return to school.



    All work must be your own.  If you are caught cheating in any form (copying work, using someone else’s answers, or plagiarizing), you will receive a “0” for the assignment or test, and your parents will be contacted.  If it occurs a second time, the matter will be dealt with by the principal, and further disciplinary action will be taken. Please refer to the student handbook under Prohibited Student Conduct: academic misconduct.


    Teacher Availability:

    I am available to meet with students after school or any mutually agreed upon time. Certain days I may not be available due to meetings so please see me in advance to schedule a good time to meet.


    Please contact me if you have any concerns.  Email is my preferred mode of communication for initial parental correspondence.  My email address is listed at the top of this course expectation sheet.  Also, I am available to take parent calls at 992-3600.   If you call during the school day, please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. I can also take calls after 2:15 if I am not working with students or at a meeting. I try my best to return all messages within 24 hours.


    Parent Portal Grades:

    Freshmen Academy is a half-credit elective. The grading format is as follows:

    • Daily class activities- 30%
    • Homework and quizzes- 30%
    • Projects- 50%

    Grades will be posted to the Parent Portal as the school year’s quarters dictate.


    Student Behavioral Expectations:

    A classroom environment for maximum academic achievement will be maintained at all times. Students are expected to:

    1. Be aware of and follow the classroom rules and all of the rules in the student handbook.
    2. Be on time and come prepared for class. Students must have their agenda books. These will be used to keep track of assignments and for passes. Students will not be allowed into class late nor will they be allowed to leave without the agenda book.
    3. Demonstrate a desire to succeed. Be an active learner.
    4. Demonstrate self-discipline and a respectful attitude toward all others. Please take responsibility for your own actions.
    5. Cell phones will not be displayed, used, or activated during academic instruction unless given permission by the instructor.


    Consequences of Misbehavior:

    1. Initial warning and individual conference with me.
    2. Call home
    3. Call home and detention
    4. Continued misbehavior or severe problems will be dealt with in conjunction with parents, the guidance department, and the administration.