• Water test results

    Posted by David Martin on 11/15/2016

    Earlier this week we received our water test results from all of our buildings. I am happy to report that very few of the fixtures that tested above the threshold are used for human consumption. I sent an email to all staff members district wide to alert them of our findings and the plan. The following is what they received:


    "Today we received the results of the water testing at each of our school buildings. The governor through legislation, has established a threshold of 15 part per billion as a higher than desired lead content in the water. Typically the lead content is derived because copper piping and brass fixtures (faucets, drinking fountains, etc) used solder (tin and lead) in their assembly. The samples that were tested had undisturbed water sitting in the fixtures and piping for at least 8 hours, thus any exposure to lead will have a higher reading the longer the water sits in contact with the lead. The results of the testing showed the following:

    GLP - 13 fixtures having readings higher than desired.

    EE - 18 fixtures with readings higher than desired

    HS - 79 fixtures with readings higher than desired.

    Bus Garage - No fixtures with readings higher than desired

    The good news with all the findings is that there are very few problem fixtures used for human consumption. The details of the results will be posted on the district website in the next few days if you are interested in reviewing the details of the testing.

    This morning I met with the maintenance men to go over the action plan as outlined by the NYS Department of Health to address the problem areas. The men will meet with individual teachers over the next few days to discuss the use of the specific fixtures having issues in the affected rooms. The remediation options will be:

    1. Shut off all water supplying the fixture and replace it if used for drinking or food preparation. Once all the necessary repairs are made we will again take some water samples and have them tested. If the tests come back acceptable we will reactivate the fixture for use. If the test is again bad, the interior plumbing supply lines will need to be investigated for replacement.  

    2. If the fixture is not used as identified in 1 above, it can be tagged as a "non potable" water outlet and remain in use. The sign must remain in place at all times.

    3. Abandon the fixture completely if it is unnecessary and cap the supply lines.

    All findings have been reported to NYS Health Department, Erie County Health Department and SED as required under the legislation."


     Detailed test results are on the link below for anyone who may be interested. Thank you to all staff members for their understanding as we go through this process and remediate areas where lead levels were elevated. 

    Detailed test results


    Parent notification Letter:



    Additional information and resources:

    Lead Pamplet










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  • Update October 4, 2016

    Posted by David Martin on 10/4/2016

    The first round of water testing was completed district wide this morning. All samples will be sent off to the testing lab by Friday October 7, 2016. Please refer back to this site for results and information as it is received. All staff are thanked for their help in the process.

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  • Basic Information

    Posted by David Martin on 9/17/2016

    The Governor recently signed legislation requiring all public schools to conduct testing of all potential drinking water outlets in all public schools in the state. The testing will be conducted following very specific guidelines produced by the NYS Department of Health in partnership with the NY State Education Department. As part of the process the Eden Central School District has actively been preparing to conduct the water samplings and sending them off to a certified lab to obtain results for our school buildings. We also have embraced the 3T's (Testing, Training, Telling) guidelines for the process so all building occupants and the community is aware of the conditions of the drinking water in our buildings. With this in mind, we will start the sampling process this week on the Eden Elementary building on Wednesday September 21, 2016 when the buildings will close at 4:30 PM and all further water use will cease. Early in the morning on Thursday September 22nd the samples of the water will be taken after having sat in the pipes for the required amount of time. The same process will take place for GLP on the Thursday the 22nd at 4:30 PM and early Friday morning of the 23rd. The High School testing will be completed with building and water use ceasing at 5:00 PM on October 3rd and samples drawn early on October 4th. We appreciate all building users understanding as we complete this process. Once testing results are returned from the laboratory any action needing to be taken will begin and the results of the testing will be posted on the site. We anticipate having the results in three weeks or less but cannot control the productivity level of laboratory given the number of school in the state that may also be using the same laboratory to obtain their results. Please check back periodically to review progress of the testing and results.   

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