• Change of Address

    If you are a current resident of the district and have moved within the district please login to the Parent Portal and update your information.
    This request will be pending until you submit the following documentation.
    Here is a link to the NYS DMV for change of address on a driver's license.  NYS law requires you to update your driver's license within ten days of the change of your legal address.   

     1. Proof of Residency and Supporting Documentation:

    • Notarized Statement
    • Download the above document, print, sign with a Notary Public, submit this document and two additional proofs of residency (see below).
    • Email at registrar@edencsd.org OR fax: (716) 992-3656 OR mail to Registrar Office, Eden Central School District, 8289 N. Main St., NY 14057 
    • Deed;
      • Executed Lease or Rental Agreement (Lease must be up-to-date - an expired lease or an unsigned lease is not a valid proof of residence)
      • Lease or Rental Agreement must include Landlord's name and contact information and must be signed by all parties (i.e. phone number)
      • If Agreement does not include such information, parent/guardian must provide landlord's name and phone number for verification purposes
    • Tax Bill for Residence;
      • Parent/Guardian's billing address on tax bill must match residence.  Otherwise, parent/guardian must provide additional supporting documentation for proof of residency  See list of additional supporting documentation
    • HUD papers
    • Closing Statement for Residence

    2.  Additional Supporting Documentation - Must submit one of the following:

    • Utility bill listing residential address and billing address
    • Car registration
    • Government benefit document
    • Payroll stub
    • Other documentation determined by the District to prove residency