• Reading Links
    The following are great sites to get help with improving your child's reading skills:
    This website provides your child with different books to read, quizzes, and prizes to celebrate their reading success!
    This website provides various types of leveled reading passages for your child including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, along with comprehension questions to go with them. It will really help your child improve his or her comprehension skills. 
     This is a fantastic website that provides interesting non-fiction articles for students reading from grade 2 up to grade 12. It then provides comprehension questions for your child in order to check for understanding. 
    This website makes poetry fun! Your child can read funny poems, play poetry games, use a rhyming dictionary, participate in poetry writing contests, and learn from poetry lessons. 
     5. Storynory
    On this website, your child can listen to audio stories. 
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