Digital Submission once the assignment is in GoogleClassroom, or, print and sign sign & return option.

    EDEN Middle SCHOOL
    HEALTH 1 – GRADE 6 & 7            

    Mrs. Klopp
    kklopp@edencsd.org      Help-Time: after school 2:30-3:30 pm by appointment.

    Course Description

    Health I is the first section in the Health curriculum offered at Eden Junior/Senior High School.This course is designed to teach students about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to provide them with a foundation for the material that will be taught in  HS Health II. The curriculum includes:
    • Digital paperless assignments and tests on GoogleClassroom or in the Digital Textbook
    • Wellness Triangle
    • Social and Emotional Health,Stress Management
    • Nutrition and Fitness
    • Puberty, Abstinence
    • Illegal Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco use prevention
    • Human Sexuality

    Grading Policy

    All tests, quizzes, and in-class assignments that receive a grade are weighed equally for a percentage grade. No cheating or student receives a zero and parents are notified. PowerSchool will be updated weekly. Check student's test scores in GoogleClassroom or Digital Textbook
    Technology in the classroom: All students are accountable as per the Eden CSD acceptable use policy. Computers are school property. Class assignments and digital tests will be done in GoogleClassroom or Digital Textbook.
    Supplies: Access to the Internet/GoogleClassroom, EAR BUDS Required FOR CLASS, Optional:Paper Folder w/ pockets, paper and pen.

    Make Up Policy

    If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to speak to a peer or directly to the teacher to gain an understanding of the instruction/assignments missed. Assignments are in GoogleClassroom. Students must arrange a make up test with the teacher or a zero is put in as a grade in PowerSchool.

    Behavioral Expectations
    All rules and policies in the Eden CSD Student Agenda will be enforced. Computers are school property.

    Contact Information

    Please call or email me with any questions or concerns .

    Phone – (716) 992-3600 Rm 111

    Opt Out Policy Information: please notify the teacher and principal in writing if you choose to have your student excused from the Human Sexuality Unit.
    The State Education Human Sexuality objectives are :
    • Education about and the promotion of Sexual Abstinence
    • Education about how HIV and other STI’s are prevented, transmitted and treated.
    • Education about the physical, mental/emotional, and social changes students go through during puberty.
    • Identification of the parts and functions of the male and female reproductive systems.

    • Information about how to protect the health of your reproductive system by following healthful behaviors.
    *Parents/Guardians– please send an email or note to school addressed to both Mrs. Klopp and one for Mr. Cervoni to indicate you want to Opt your student out of the HIV/AIDS portion of the Human Sexuality Unit.