• Click below for the link to the PowerPoint used in Virtual Financial Aid Presentation meetings offered in September, given for parents of college-bound Seniors by Mr. Jeremy Corrente, Assistant Director of SUNY Fredonia's Financial Aid Office .
    Parents and students may submit their Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (aka "The FAFSA") beginning on October 1st for students who will be entering college in the fall of 2022.
    An FSA ID is required for both student and one parent before starting the FAFSA...please request your FSA ID first!
    Financial Aid application assistance is available through all SUNY college Financial Aid offices as well.
    You may find helpful Financial Aid forms assistance at the office of any college where your son/daughter plans to apply - you don't have to be accepted to receive assistance.
    SUNY colleges also offer FREE assistance with the FAFSA. Please click on the following link for a list of dates and locations where you can get help (families do not have to be considering a SUNY school in order to participate - this is a service offered at no charge by SUNY schools):
    Next, please review the following important information for Seniors & their parents / guardians:
    Hey Seniors!
    Are you planning to attend a 2-year or 4-year college next year? That is exactly what the majority of Eden Seniors do after they graduate!
    If so please read the following information carefully (and don't forget to share it with your parents - many of them will need to complete Financial Aid forms that are described in this e-mail):
    1. If you have no idea where to begin the College Search process try the following link:
    Play around with the sidebar search to compare big schools to little schools, selective schools to easier acceptance and city-based to rural. You can set a search area based on how far you want to search for colleges based on your zip code.
    We encourage you to visit campuses when possible. If you want to get a feel for what a difference a visit can make, walk through the University at Buffalo's Amherst campus and then visit Canisius College in the City of Buffalo.
    You won't find two campuses that are more different than these two and that simple comparison may assist you in determining the type of campus you prefer as you contemplate where you think you will feel most comfortable in college .
    2. Two of the most popular College Application sites:
    The Common App is used by over 500 colleges...it allows students to complete one comprehensive application and then submit it to any of the schools that accept it...if two or more of the colleges you are considering use the Common App it will save you time to create an application:
    The SUNY App: If you are ONLY thinking about applying to NYS public colleges or universities (like Buff State, Fredonia, Geneseo, Binghamton, Albany, UB, etc.) there is a separate, simpler application here:
    If you are applying to a 2-year college (like ECC or NCCC) use that college's website to apply directly - unlike 4-year colleges, it will be FREE to apply to Community College with a few exceptions. (Do NOT use the SUNY APP to apply to ECC or NCCC as it will cost you $50.) Apply directly through the community college websites instead for free.
    3. Teacher Recs - We will keep your completed original "Teacher Recommendation Request" form on file in our office - please give the copies to your teachers who will write you letters of recommendation. If you are using the Common App you will invite them via e-mail to upload their recommendation letter. If you are using the SUNY App they need to send us the letter and we will upload it for them.
    4. The SAT test:
    If you took the SAT last year (many of you tried but weren't able to):  Contact The College Board to request that your SAT scores be sent officially to your colleges (it will cost you about $15 to send score reports to colleges you will apply to).
    We will put your SAT scores on your official High School transcript as soon as we receive them but many colleges want them sent directly from the College Board for scholarship consideration purposes:
    Important: if you DO NOT want your SAT scores listed on your transcript please see your counselor. Any college that has made SAT scores "optional" this year will not include the scores in their admission decision, even if they appear on your transcript. But we also understand that some of you would prefer not to have your scores visible on your transcript.
    We still think the SAT is a test worth taking as a Senior just to see where you stand compared to 4-year college-bound students from across the country.
    5. The FAFSA
    The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a complicated-looking form that colleges require from students who are seeking student loans. As long as parents have filed their taxes it is not that difficult to do and may be submitted by Seniors AND their parents beginning on October 1st:
    6. Scholarships for students who will remain in NYS for college:
    The following link has info for NYS-based scholarships that are available only to students who remain in NY for college, including the Excelsior Scholarship:
    The packet of Local scholarships awarded at graduation will be made available to all Seniors in March, 2022. More information about those scholarships will be shared with students and parents in the spring.
    7. Other options for Financial Aid:
    ** Research national scholarship opportunities at www.Fastweb.com.
    ** Ask every relative and friend of your family if there are scholarships available through their places of employment.
    ** Check the scholarship tree weekly in our Guidance Office (next to Mrs. McCarthy's desk).
    ** The College Board site also has a Financial Aid tutorial that will be helpful to review with your parents:
    We will check on your progress as often as we can this Fall.
    Please let us know if you have ANY questions you have about college applications, deadlines or anything else connected to you Senior year. 
    Mrs. Dibble (jdibble@edencsd.org) and Mr. Hassett (dhassett@edencsd.org) can be reached by e-mail or phone in the Guidance Office (716-992-3601). 
    (If we are not available when you stop in it is possible that Mrs. Gannon or Mrs. McCarthy can help you - they both have access to your official transcripts and copies of your Teacher Letters of Recommendation).