Eden Raiders

    Early Morning Program



    Eden CSD’S Continuing Education Program offers an Early Morning Recreational Program in our elementary school gymnasium for students in Grades K through 5. This program is designed to provide a needed service by giving parents the opportunity to bring their children to school prior to the beginning of the regularly scheduled school day. Our staff will supervise students from 7:00-8:25AM engaging students in daily low-impact activities. K-2 students will then be transported to GLP for the start of their day, and students in grades 3-5 will be released to their classrooms.  Elementary students can purchase breakfast before going to their classrooms, and GLP students can purchase their breakfast when they arrive at school.

    Students can be dropped off anytime between 7:00-8:00AM and the cost of the program is $7.00 per day, regardless of the drop-off time.

    Payment will be due the week before each session and the sessions are listed below.

    If you have a last minute change in your schedule and need to drop your child off on an unscheduled day, please do so. We can make adjustments as necessary, but we will not reimburse for sick or unused days. If there are unforeseen circumstances and your child will need to be out for an extended amount of time, please notify us in writing.  We will see if other arrangements can be made.

    Parents are not allowed to come into the building at the side door drop off. If you would like to come in with your child for any reason, you must come in through the Elementary Main Office doors at the front of the building and check in at the office. 

    In case of an emergency, please notify the Elementary office at 716-992-3610. 

    All other questions, please call Makayla Eddy at 716-992-3636 or email at meddy@edencsd.org.


    2023-24  Registration Form


    Session 1 ---- 22 days x $7 = $154

    Sept. 7 - October 6


    Session 2 ---- 27 days x $7 = $189

    Oct. 10 - November 17


    Session 3 ---- 26 days x $7 = $182

    Nov. 20 - January 5


    Session 4 ---- 28 days x $7 = $196

    Jan. 8 - February 16


    Session 5 ---- 28 days x $7 = $196

    February 26 - April 12


    Session 6 ---- 25 days x $7 = $175

    April 15 - May 17


    Session 7 ---- 25 days x $7 = $175

    May 20 - June 25