• Class Dojo

    This year, I will be utilizing an innovative online tool called Class Dojo to help keep you informed of your child’s behavior at school, share whole class and individual messages, and post photos of all the fun things we are doing in the classroom! 


    Within Class Dojo, students can both earn and lose points based on the behaviors they demonstrate in the classroom, at lunch, and at specials. As a parent, you will receive an alert when your child has earned or lost a point, along with a brief statement regarding the point change. For example, your child may earn a point for “showing determination” and “demonstrating empathy” towards others, while our negative point descriptors include “noise control” and “not following directions”.


    You will also be able to view messages that I have sent to the whole class or to your particular family, and message me with any questions or concerns of your own. However, please refrain from using Class Dojo to communicate sensitive or confidential information. Please contact the school nurse with all health-related inquiries or concerns. Any dismissal changes or emergencies should be directed to the GLP Main Office.


    To get started, all you need to do is download the free app and enter your parent code (please see your child’s Class Dojo flyer for your specific code and more detailed instructions on how to get started).


    Snacks, Water Bottles, and Footwear

    Please send a daily snack with your child that does not require the use of a utensil, along with a filled and labeled water bottle. Additionally, we are very fortunate to have physical education daily and will go outside for recess when the weather permits. As such, please send your child in sneakers each day until winter boot season arrives. At that time, please pack a pair of sneakers or send a pair that can be kept in your child’s locker throughout the week. 



    Birthdays are undoubtedly exciting and momentous occasions for young children, times deserving of celebration! You are welcome to come in to celebrate your child’s special day or send in a store-bought/prepared treat (no homemade snacks can be accepted). We have 18 friends in our class this year. Please note that summer birthdays will be celebrated in June, prior to the summer recess.


    *Per the GLP Student Handbook, if you plan on having a birthday party outside of school, invitations must be sent via postal service to the homes of the students unless the entire class, all boys or all girls are being invited.


    Some Helpful Dos and Don’ts 

    Please DO:

    • Make sure your child has a seasonally appropriate change of clothes in his/her locker at all times; if your child has an accident, please replace any items sent home
    • Check your child’s take-home folder each night for completed work/projects, along with important notes and flyers
    • Call the GLP School nurse if your child will be absent; a written excuse is required upon his/her return to school
    • Send a note in your child’s folder for any dismissal changes (please specify if it is temporary or permanent); for emergencies or unexpected changes, please call the GLP Main Office
    • Visit our webpage on the Eden CSD website to learn more about our classroom, as well as GLP schoolwide policies
    • Reach out if you have any questions or concerns 

    Please DON’T:

    • Send your child to school with toys from home as they may get lost and/or cause hard feelings amongst friends
    • Leave a voicemail or Dojo message containing time-sensitive/emergency information (e.g. bus changes) as these may not be checked prior to the end of the school day; rather, please call the GLP Main Office