• Routines and Procedures


    Snacks, Water, Lunch, and Footwear

    Please send a daily snack with your child that does not require the use of a utensil, along with a filled and labeled water bottle. Additionally, we are very fortunate to have physical education daily and will go outside for recess when the weather permits. As such, please send your child in sneakers each day until winter boot season arrives. At that time, please pack a pair of sneakers or send a pair that can be kept in your child’s locker throughout the week.


    Class Dojo

    This year, I will be utilizing an innovative online tool called Class Dojo to help keep you informed of your child’s behavior at school, as well as to share exciting classroom news and photos. Within Class Dojo, students can both earn points for demonstrating positive behaviors and lose points for making poor choices in the classroom and at specials. As a teacher, I can post photos of the fun things we are doing at school and share messages regarding your child or our class as a whole. All that you need to do is download the free app and enter your parent code (please see your child’s Class Dojo flyer for your specific code and more detailed instructions on how to get started). Once your account is set up, you will receive alerts when your child has earned or lost a point, along with a brief statement explaining the point change. For example, your child may earn a point for “showing determination” and “demonstrating empathy” towards others, while our negative points include “poor self-control” and “off-task”.





    Power Words (Sight Words): As part of the IRLA framework, your child will be expected to master a set of “Power Word” lists that contain many of the most common terms included in children’s literature. I have broken these lists up into chunks of 10 words that will be sent home with your child as flashcards each week. Your child will also be bringing home brief activity sheets that can be used to reinforce his or her recognition of these terms. Please plan to set aside five to ten minutes for practicing these words on a nightly basis, or as often as possible.

    IRLA Reading Steps: Over the course of the school year, your child will be expected to build his/her reading stamina through nightly reading. These periods of independent reading, also known as “Steps” in the IRLA framework, will be recorded in your child’s “take-home folder” and he/she will be able to earn medals for reaching certain milestones (e.g. 100 steps)! Please strive to read and record two IRLA steps each night.


    Addition/Subtraction Fact Practice: Fluency with basic addition and subtraction facts is a major goal of the first grade mathematics curriculum and one that requires frequent practice in order for children to achieve. As such, I am asking that your child spend approximately five to ten minutes each night (or as often as possible) practicing addition facts within 10. These facts will be sent home as flashcards, but you can also utilize fun and engaging math apps for additional practice. These programs include IXL Math and XTRA Math; you will be receiving login information shortly. Once your child has met the first grade benchmark of 95 correct addition problems within five minutes, as evidenced by regular classroom timed tests, he or she will move on to subtraction within 10.