• Eden CSD Advanced Health III or
    a mimimun of 5 students register with
    ECC Health for HT 101 SUNY Credit @ Eden CSD
    Help-Hours M-F 2:30-3:30 by appointment.
    this class is taught in Google Classroom
    Once class begins students should log-in with their Eden CSD log-in to Google Classroom for class syllabus and all class assignments. Eventually this class may shift to using Blackboard which is the digital platform ECC uses.
    Course Syllabus is posted in Google Classroom.
    This course is a college level course. Students can expect a 1 hour daily reading with response assignment. Eden CSD will issue/loan a textbook to each student. Students are responsible to return the textbooks or pay for lost, damaged or un-returned books.
    Students who want ECC SUNY Credit for the course must register and pay for the course at http://ecc.edu 
    A minimum of 5 students need to officially register @ ECC to run the class for ECC credit.
    Students and parents should understand that some colleges require a grade of B or better to transfer credit to a specific Department. A grade of a C or better may be acceptable for general Ed. or an elective transfer credit.  Colleges may require students to retake the course and deny transfer credit for grades below a C.
    Students registered at http://ecc.edu can use all the resources  ECC college students have access to. Students with acceptable grades will receive both Eden CSD and ECC SUNY credit.
    Students who do not register at ecc.edu but, pass the course will only receive Eden CSD credit.
    Leaving EdenCSD website