• Think Central/Go Math Online
    Think Central in the online component to our K-5 Math series, GO MATH!
    This resource provides access to digital books, activities, readers, and more for the Go Math series.
    The directions below will help you to access this resource!
Think Central Log In
  • 1. Go to http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com 

    2. Select your state, district, and school from the drop down options.

    3. To make it easier to log in later, check Remember My Organization (optional).

    4. After logging in, refer to the Quick Start Guide for Students for further information.

    Multiple Unsuccessful Login Attempts
    Please note: All users will be allowed three unsuccessful login attempts to ThinkCentral before being prompted for further action. After the first unsuccessful login attempt, users will receive a message that the information entered was incorrect. After the second attempt, users will be informed that they have only one attempt remaining before their account is locked.
    On the third unsuccessful attempt students will not be allowed to log in for 5 minutes but may attempt to log in again after those 5 minutes have elapsed. Students should verify their password with their teacher before attempting a third login.
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Last Modified on November 13, 2015