• Eden CSD Digital Sign
    Requests for messages to be displayed can be emailed to EdenDigitalSign@edencsd.org. All email requests must include the organization's name, a contact name, phone number, exact message to be displayed and duration. 
    Once again our Eden Community has helped us meet our goals! Thank you to everyone who played a role in making sure that our new Eden CSD digital sign was installed by graduation.  It is a wonderful addition to our campus!  A few years ago, the Eden CSD Shared Decision Making Team conducted a needs survey; improving communication throughout the community was a top recommendation. A new digital sign would be a way for not only the school district but the entire Eden Community to announce their upcoming events.

    The winter of 2013, a sign committee formed including representatives from the Eden Alumni Association, Eden Chamber of Commerce, Eden Community Foundation and Eden CSD.  In March 2014, the Eden Community Foundation started off the fundraising with a $5000 grant to the Eden Chamber of Commerce. The Eden Chamber then solicited local organizations, businesses and community members for contributions. This was followed by a generous anonymous donor who gave a matching grant of $5000. Thanks to other generous donations by Sharon Bauer, Howard Stresing and family, and many others this sign was installed on June 20th, 2014.  The entire project was completed in less than three months and the sign has now been donated to the Eden CSD by the Eden Chamber of Commerce.

    The digital sign was mounted into the existing brick structure, which was erected and donated to the district in the 1950s. In the words of our Chamber President, Paul Zittel, "All of Eden will benefit from having a highly visible sign, located in the center of town on a well-traveled route." Any Town of Eden not-for-profit organization can request their message to be displayed at no cost. Messages will change every ten minutes in order to maintain the safety of drivers.