• Algebra 2 CC:   We do not have a textbook for this course, so it is imperative that you have a binder to organize the notes from class.      

    A 1.5" to 2" binder should be fine. You may need to switch to a second binder for 2nd semester, but larger binders are too difficult to manage.  We use the emath program, so you will receive fillable note packets and HW packets for each chapter.
    I am going to insist that you have ONE binder dedicated to MATH .
    Every student must have a graphing calculator.  We use the TI-84 (or TI-83) in class.  If you plan to purchase one, I recommend the TI-84 because it does  have some extra features that are nice, and the operating system can be updated if Texas Instruments develops more features.
    Pencil is best for math (and erasers).  We make mistakes, and lots of them.  It's math.
    A few sheets of loose leaf paper for the binder.  I also recommend having a few highlighters or colored pencils to highlight the notes and diagrams.
    School assigned Chromebook.

    AP Statistics:

                You will need a binder to keep handouts and chapter notes organized.
                Homework will get done in a separate notebook, 1 subject should be fine.
                You will need a graphing calculator, and I am recommending the TI-84 plus.  It has features that the
                TI-83 does not have that are valuable to us for this course.  
                You will need writing utensils.
                Your chromebook.

    General Calculus:

    You will need a notebook to take notes.  A 3 - 5 subject should be enough for the whole year, depending on how large you write. 
    Of course writing utensils and a graphing calculator (TI-84 is best).
    A folder to hold hand outs, worksheets and tests and quizzes.