• The GLP Art Studio

    GLP artists participate in Pinwheels for Peace  
    Welcome to the GLP art studio!
    I love art by kids, and am finding it a great joy to teach Eden's youngest artists! I am teaching K-2 visual arts in the GLP art studio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays this year.  (I am at the Elementary school the other days.) I've been in the district since 1995, 17 years as an art teacher. A more complete introduction to me can be found by clicking on the link to the left that says "About Ms. Morgan."
    Artists Who Work at Home:
        We are continuing with the Artists who Work at Home program started by my amazing predecessor and friend Mrs. Bossert. Through this program we recognize young artists by displaying their artwork in our Artists Who Work at Home Gallery along with a photo and the completed application, and each artist's name is read on the morning announcements along with a description of how he or she create at home.
        Parents are reminded as they help their children complete the form (found below) that THREE things are needed: 1) the completed form, 2) a photo or drawing of the artist at work at home either on the space provided on the form or attached, and 3) a separate, original work of art (attached) to display in the gallery. Thank you!
       For an Artist Who Works at Home form, click here.
    Volunteer Opportunities:
    We are always busy making art in the studio, and I am always looking for volunteers to help out. Young artists need help following instructions and implementing some basic skills. If you are interested in volunteering in the art studio, please e-mail me at lmorgan@edencsd.org. I am looking for help in five shifts: Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, Friday morning, and Friday afternoon. You don't need to worry much about if a shift coincides with when your child has art. You will be moving around helping all the kids!
     If you need to reach me:
    Because I go between buildings, e-mail is best: lmorgan@edencsd.org
    If it pertains to your child, I will return your contact via phone, as I prefer to talk to parents personally about student issues. 
    My phone number at the GLP is: 992-3638 x3039; my number at the Elementary School is 992-3610 x 4216. 
    As always, if you have a question or concern, please contact me directly! I am happy to work with you in the best interest of your child.