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    photo of Ms. Morgan
    My family, 2016 
      Every year, we do a CF Walk! 
    KIDS: I do not live at the School! Shocking as it may seem, I am a real, live person with a family. Here's the scoop:
    Fact One: I am ancient. 
    I have been teaching in the Eden School District since before you were born! (1995) I began as an English teacher, then I started teaching art here in 2004. Prior to that, I pursued a nine year career in public relations and advertising before coming to Eden - it was a job that let me use my writing, design, and people skills. 
    Fact Two: I've always been a creative person!  I imagined being a teacher even when I was young! I used to play school in an area of our basement set up with a chalk board and desks, using old (excised) texts and materials my mom would salvage from her job as a professional educator. (It was my roots for a passion for education, being a strong supporter and product of public education.) As a kid, I loved doing art projects and writing poems, stories, and autobiographical accounts. My first college degrees were from SUNY Oswego with majors in both Creative Writing and Secondary Education (English).  I also earned a Master's Degree in Creative Writing and 19th Century American Literature from UB. I have my certification in K-12 Art Education (2004) after taking 30+ hours of visual arts courses at the graduate level from both Buffalo State College and UB. I took years of private art lessons over the years just for fun! I have an art studio in my home and love to paint and crochet.
    Fact Three: I get around - and around.... Today, I teach art at both the GLP and the Elementary School.  The primary grades were new to me seight years ago, and I'm really enjoying the students' enthusiasm! Six years ago, I was new to grades 3-5 and am really looking forward to continuing my work there now that I've gotten my feet wet! (Before 2013, I'd only taught the big kids at the Jr./Sr. High.) For all the classes I teach, I strive to adhere to Eden's art curriculum and NYS Learning Standards for the Arts while incorporating the  Common Core Learning Standards for ELA in the Technical Subjects. 
    Fact Four: I live a double life! On the personal side, my husband and I are blessed to have two young children: Isabella, age 13 and in 8th grade, and Richard, age 9, a 4th grader. I love to paint and do other works of art when I can in my home studio (and spend lots of time helping Isabella and Ricky with their many artistic endeavors). I am also active in my church, I love to read and participate in two book clubs. I love animals, and have two dogs named Opie and Rocco. My other hobbies are walking, hiking, camping, traveling, going to art galleries, concerts, and the theater and doing things with my family.
    Below: My two goofballs at the art gallery a few summers ago.
    Right: My family on vacation, 2015. 
       On vacation, 2012