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    Posted by David Martin on 12/27/2016
    Another busy year has about come and gone. Everyone has celebrated another Christmas holiday and the New Year is around the corner. I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and the best of health and happiness for 2017. It will be a very busy year with capital construction starting soon. Please check back often to see the progress as it happens!
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  • Thank You

    Posted by David Martin on 12/16/2015

    The voters have spoken and the capital project has completely passed. Thank you for your confidence and trust. We look forward to the changes taking place for your children and grandchildren as a new chapter is developed for the district and the school community. Our greatest hope is that this project will be the catalyst for development in Eden and growth of the school district!

    Please visit the web site often as the project develops. I hope to have photos and video of the construction progress once it begins!

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  • Capital Vote

    Posted by David Martin on 12/10/2015


    Just a reminder that on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM will be the capital project vote. As long as you are 18 years of age or over, and live in the district the past 30 days or more, you can vote on the project. Please remember there are two propositions. The first covers academics, health and safety concerns while the second covers athletics, music and art concerns. The first proposition must pass in order for the second to be approved. It looks like the weather will be nice so please exercise your right to vote and visit out facilities.

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  • Capital Project 2020

    Posted by David Martin on 11/3/2015

    Capital Project 2020

    For a Director of Facilities there is nothing more exciting than to see your district progressing and developing. The past couple of years I have had many discussions with board members, administrators, teachers, non-teaching staff, visitors, residents, counterparts, architects and engineers. The goal was simple: "Where is the district headed, can we compete and how do we get the district to grow?" The answers provided were all a part of the development process as we put a large scale capital project together.

    We have not had a major project in Eden since the additions were added to the high school in 2008. To a degree that says a lot about the quality of the people who I get to work with each day and how well the facilities get maintained. Unfortunately one thing that our basic budget just will not allow for is new and growing opportunities to allow the students access to bigger, better, faster cutting edge technology, or to make major repairs to aging buildings. Thus districts all across the state develop capital improvement projects to tackle these challenges. Eden is no different and we are now needing to make such repairs and updates to give our students the edge they need and to preserve the investment the taxpayers have in the facilities.

    This soon led to the development of stakeholder committees who studied the problems and situations and made recommendations to a steering committee on solutions to our situation. What was evident is that we needed much more work to be completed than we ever imagined. After some long sessions and discussions a capital project was eventually carved out that will provide a great start toward a brighter future for the district and the community as we strive to compete academically and athletically with our surrounding educational neighbors. 

    With a project list developed, Board of Education endorsement, outreach presentations occurring and growing excitement about what can happen in the near future, Eden 2020 Capital Improvement Project is a vision on the horizon. I want to encourage all visitors to take some time to read, listen to the presentations, ask questions, and become informed about the project. Please look over the information linked to the website home page. I think you will be impressed with what the future may hold for a very modest investment if all propositions are approved.

    The link to capital project information is:



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  • Snowvember

    Posted by David Martin on 12/18/2014

    The four day snowvember snowstorm certainly created havoc for the entire south towns region for a week or more. Buildings in the region were collapsing under the weight of the snow, Emergency agencies were all on standby trying to get to those who needed help, medication, food or were trapped. Highway crews were virtually paralyzed with the volume of snow and how quickly it came thus creating driving bans in large areas of the south towns. Businesses and schools were closed for at least one week. Government agencies went into emergency management mode trying to keep the area safe and managable. Here at school were not spared as the brunt of the storm came directly through the Eden, Evans, and Hamburg area. It cannot go without saying that the maintenance crew (Mark Gage, Don Preischel, Randy Cornell, Bob Henry and Tom Preischel) worked tirelessly throughout the storm to try and keep the buildings accessible and safe. With almost five feet of heavy wet snow blanketing roofs sidewalks and parking lots, the task was daunting to say the least. I myself was stranded at my home due to the driving ban and unplowed streets, I was however able to remotely access building systems and stay in communication with the staff and various agencies to make sure things were functioning and operating throughout the first two days until I could get out and find a drivable highway into Eden. Calls were made to our roof manufacturer to see what equipment might be able to be used should we need to clear snow. Discussions ensued with our architect and local emergency service people to utilize their resources if necessary. Once the weather began to subside and we were finally able to get into buildings and roofs, we used our heating system along with mother nature (who finally loosened her grip and sent temperatures back into a moderate 40 - 50 degrees) to warm the roof decks and begin the melting process. Ceilings were opened in rooms and halls and the boilers cranked up to allow whatever heat would migrate through our insulated roofs to the snow pack. We assured our roof drains were shoveled and kept open so water would migrating to them. Within a day or so the snow pack was compressed from what it was down to about two feet. NY State had made arrangements to have structural engineers flown into WNY to help in the review process of buildings and structures to assure they were safe. We made contact with the Town of Eden Disaster Coordinator and requested the engineers review.  We were fortunate and were one of the first to receive assistance. After reviewing our plan and the progress we had made and looking over all the buildings the engineers said we had made all of the right moves already, commended us for our foresight and said everything was good to go for school. On Monday morning our buildings opened with fully cleared parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs that were virtually cleared of show. Those who lived in the area were surprised how much was done and that we were ready for their arrival. Those who were outside of the storm area (probably mowing their lawns) were also surprised at the amount of piled snow and could only imagine what had occurred.

    Did we go unscathed? Not really. Once the melting process began with the warmer temperatures we did have some water breach the door thresholds of the gym at GLP primary. With the help of the Eden Fire Department we borrowed a portable pump and virtually pumped out the back yard of the water. We have some warping of a small area of the gym floor that will need to be addressed once we get estimates, but in the grand scheme we were fortunate to only have minor damage. Hopefully we will see FEMA or insurance compensation for the damage.

    Again, I want to thank my staff for all of their assistance during and after the storm to get things back to normal, the Town of Eden and its departments for the services and assistance they provided to us, our architect at Young and Wright, our insurance company for their proactive approach should we have needed to shovel the roofs, and to my counterparts in other unaffected districts who offered assistance should we need it. It just is another great example of how local WNY people and agencies help each other in times of need.  
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  • Buildings and a bit of history

    Posted by David Martin on 11/21/2013
    The district facilities are located in Eden New York and are situated on Schoolview Road between route 62 or Gowanda State Road as it is often referred and Jennings Road. All buildings are on the northern side of the street on a bit over 100 acres of land. On the campus there are three school buildings, some other small buildings, gas wells and a number of athletic fields and facilities. 
    Beginning at Route 62 is the Elementary School. This architectural masterpiece of a building was constructed as the original centralized school in 1939. At that time it housed grades kindergarten through twelve. Today the building houses grades three through six and has almost 100,000 square feet of space. Although being almost 80 years old, this building is the centerpiece of the community and remains the pride of many past graduates, many of whom visit frequently when in the area. 
    Because the district was now centralized, the need to provide transportation to students in outlying areas had to be dealt with, so a bus garage was constructed adjacent to the Elementary School and opened in conjunction with that facility. Additions were added in the 1950's and 1990's due to population growth and the building is still used today to service about 50 transportation and grounds vehicles. 
    In 1956 as the district comtinued growing another building was added to the campus. A single floor design school with a spider layout of classroom wings projecting from a central hub was constructed. The building was dedicated upon completion to a prominent medical doctor in the community Dr. Grover L. Priess. A large number of the babies he delivered, grew up and studied in the school facilities. Many of their offspring also were students in Eden. That trend continues even today with many of the prominent families still having a presence in the community and the schools. The building currently houses grades Pre-kindergarten through second grade and has about 88,000 square feet of space. 
    As district growth continued through the 1960's the need to build a dedicated middle / high school became a reality. In 1969 the Eden Junior - Senior  High School was opened. The 225,000 square feet of floor space gave the students new and more diverse opportunities of study. Since farming is so prevalent in the area, a Future Farmers of America group was started shortly after opening. The annual drive your tractor to school event results in a great number of tractors of all vintages and is highly supported by the district, community and parents. Recently a green house was donated and added to the campus near the technology wing. In athletics the new pool allowed for swimming to be taught on a regular basis.  The large gymnasium allowed for a great number of spectators to root on their child and team. Currently grades seven through twelve are housed in this pleasent facility. 
    In 2005 the district embarked on a new and challenging venture as budget money became tighter and the economy put more strain on the taxpayers. The need to add new up to date science rooms to the high school became a priority. Through a self funded contract with a local company, the district severed the electrical ties with the grid and began generating its own power and feeding electricity to all building on the campus. The savings from this process were expected to pay for the local taxpayers share of constructing the new rooms. After a somewhat rocky start and working out the bugs, the district now has one of the few high performing co-generation power plants in New York State. Many engineers and energy service companies have contacted me to inquire what it took and takes to have a viable power generation facility.The expectation is that the plant will carry the district through until about 2020 before major decisions will need to be made about upgrading or replacing the equipment. Also in 2005 the new science wing and additional locker room space were added to the building. These additions provided new opportunities to study the sciences all within one suite of classrooms, and to open up new sports opportunities for the female athletes of the district and to have dedicated locker room facilities.
    Next time I'll talk dirt to you! 
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