• Contest and Opportunities:

    Check these out! Listed below can be outside opportunities for artistic growth. Or there may be contests listed, and some of these offer awesome prizes; being recognized in these contests can be a boost to college and job applications.

    Be careful to check entry qualifications and entry dates. If you find something's deadline has passed, let Ms. Morgan know and she'll take it off this web site. If you know of a contest or opportunity not on here, let her know and she'll add it!

    If you'd like help or feedback regarding your entry, see your teacher. If the opportunity has you click a link to another web-site, please heed this warning:
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    Upcoming Contests & Opportunities:


    Next Year's National PTA Reflections program: 



    Eden PTA Contest News:

    The PTA has graciously compiled this list of contests and opportunities . For the list, click here.
    Free Art Gallery Events:
    Second Fridays of Each Month:
     The Burchfield Penny Art center has terrific family oriented programs that include activities, tours, entertainment, etc.
    Albright Knox:
    Did you know the Albright Knox art gallery is closed for renovations for the next two years. For updates on the exciting project and events and exhibits in their temporary space, click here

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    WNY Book Arts Center's Annual Edible Book Festival:
    This event is over for this year, but I am leaving on the site to encourage you to enjoy the ingenuity displayed by these contest entrants. Look for the event next spring - it is always at the end of March or beginning of April it is the local celebration of a national festival. It's family friendly, has a reasonable admission cost, and is extremely creative!!  Check out the past entries on their web site: Human ingenuity and creativity is truly amazing!

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