This year at the G.L.P all of our Physical Education students will have the opportunity to participate in a program to better ourselves and our school!  This program will consist of 4 month-long challenges for the students to complete.  We encourage parents to help children as needed with these challenges.  For more information about the program, fun games, and healthy recipes visit www.FitnessforKidsChallenge.com
    February's challenge is:
    "0 Sugary Drinks"

                                                                                                                                         November 1, 2012




    Dear Parents & Guardians,



    The Independent Health Foundation is offering the GLP a very special opportunity to win a $1,000 grant!  The “Fitness For Kids Challenge” aims to increase physical activity and improve nutritional choices in children.  In order to be considered for the $1,000 grant, the GLP needs to be in the top ten schools with the highest percentage of participation.   


    There will be 4-month long challenges, which will be handed out for students to participate in as a classroom, school, or family.  A worksheet will be sent home each Monday with your son/daughter, which will be due one week later.  In addition to the fun activities, the GLP will be coming up with one healthy change to embrace during the school year as well!


    We ask that when your child(ren) bring home the Healthy Challenges, to take a few minutes and go over it with them.  We will discuss these in class, but it is important they are signed and returned the following week, as it will give the students a chance to win a prize such as water bottles, Frisbees, trophies, or even a MP3 Player/iPod from the Independent Health Foundation!


    Your support and your child’s participation are critical in this effort to instill healthy lifestyles in our youth.  Please help us in this initiative to improve our beloved GLP!


    For more information on this program, please visit www.FitnessforKidsChallenge.com.  Feel free to browse the website for fun games and recipes to try at home!


    Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s physical education teacher.









    Amie Francisco                                                                                                                 Rachael Danvir