I would like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone in Eden. I am extremely excited to build on the success & tradition that has already been built here. 

    Over the next couple of months, I have three main goals. I want to remove barriers from staff to allow them to do their jobs. I also want to do the same for students to give them the best chance to succeed. Next, I want to give staff & students as many resources as possible to help them be successful. If they do not have the resources they need, it is very difficult to maximize the abilities. Lastly, I want to listen three times as often as I speak. There are so many positive aspects of Eden. I want to learn what works & why certain programs & procedures do work so well. 

    While I worked just seven miles up the road at North Collins, there is much for me to learn at Eden. In just my short time here, I have received so much support from the staff, the administration, & the community. I hope to enhance those relationships while adding my knowledge & experience this great institution & community. 

    Jason E. Lyons

    Eden High School Principal